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Most Ghanaian political show hosts are ignorant


Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Atta Mills Institute Samuel Koku Anyidoho has expressed worry about how ignorance has become part of Ghana’s body politics.

According to him, most people in the Political space especially Radio Morning Show Hosts and Political Show hosts do not read and get informed on issues before they come on air and that is gradually destroying the country.

He made this known while speaking to the raging debate on the payment of spouses of the President and the Vice President.

“Ignorance is the biggest challenge we have in this country. A lot of ignorance and some of your colleagues once they get behind the console in the morning they think they control the whole world. They don’t learn, they don’t read. A lot of them you have to educate. When you educate them and now they become popular, they think they’ve reached.”

Speaking on the payment of First and Second lady, Koku Anyidoho indicated that the first and Second lady have a number of activities they are mandated to engage in.

He indicated that apart from the fact that first ladies do not influence the governance process of the country, they are mandated to engage in a number of duties like taking up social courses and ensuring that they are followed to the latter.

“Government needs to communicate well. What government wants to do is that all these informal payments which have been done over the years, let us regularize it so that in the future when a Nebucadnezzer comes in he won’t say he has scrapped payment of first and second ladies. All these things are been done in some informal form already in terms of allowances, in terms of taking care of them. There’s a lot of Informal things taking place.

He agreed that the First and Second ladies are not article 71 holders and urged government to take up the challenge of going through the processes and introduce a proper bill in Parliament and let it be passed and so established.

“Let them go through the proper process, send a bill to Parliament and if it passed, this matter will be brought to rest. Because there is no law backing this that is what has created a lacuna,” he said.

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