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More shocking and lustful scandals of ‘Holy Kisser’ Anglican Priest emerge


More damning allegations of sexual harassment have emanated on the Anglican Priest Reverend Father Obeng Larbi who was caught on video kissing female students at Church Service.

According to some students of St Monica College of Education who want to remain anonymous, kissing students and the use of profane words is the stock in trade of the priest who is now famous for the wrong reasons.

He is said to have been kissing students and asking some to sit on his lap for several years but the recent video has exposed what he has been doing for years.

One student who spoke to on condition of anonymity said “Our father kissed some of my colleagues on Sunday during church service and then uploaded the video on their status and it went viral he is an Anglican father. He said they are the best students so he was honoring them You see the first girl was the Chaplain Prefect and he said he went home without his permission so he gave her position to someone else so he called her out and said upon everything she didn’t give up. And second and third reads the bible regularly at church. This is not the first time Some of my mates wanted to be Sunday school teachers and he asked them to come and see him when they went he asked them to kiss him which they did and one mass servant too he asked her to sit on his laps and she refused he started hating her and she stopped. Again He has been using profane words during church service Like “2nd Joe shua ” and he will repeat the shua which literally means ( testicles) Sometimes he will say Me diwo dwuma Oki literally means ( I will “fuck ” you) “.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Priest in question is called Priest Larbi and is a staff of the Ghana Education Service, a trained lawyer who is a member of the Ashanti Region’s Ghana Education Service Disciplinary Committee.

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