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More Details Revealed On Killing Of Socialite & Boyfriend


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Gweru Shooting: More Details Revealed On Killing Of Socialite 

Gamuchirai Mudungwe (Left), Shelton (Top Right) and Peter Dube (Bottom Right)


There was chaos and bloodshed in Gweru in the late hours of Thursday and the early hours of Friday, when businessman Peter Dube went on a murderous rampage in which he shot at four people.

Two of the shooting victims, 30-year-old Gamuchirai Mudungwe and her boyfriend who has only been identified as Shelton died on the spot from the injuries sustained.  According to reports from witnesses, Dube suspected that Shelton was having an affair with his life.

Dube’s second wife Nyasha Nharingo and her sister Nyaradzo Nharingo sustained serious injuries in the shooting and are currently admitted at Gweru Provincial Hospital, where their conditions are reported to be critical.


Gweru Shooting: More Details Revealed On Killing Of Socialite Revealed
Gweru Shooting Victims From Left: Nyaradzo, Nyasha and Gamuchirai


Below is part of a police memorandum on the shooting,



This memorandum serves to put on record circumstances surrounding a Murder case which occurred at room number 11 Bensam Flats, Main Street, Gweru.

Informant: Justina Nomatter Chawama Age: 30 years
NR: 59- 200500-D-15
Res: Number 52 Steadman Athlone, Gweru

Accused: Peter Dube Age: 35 Years
NR: 29-242192-Q-13
Res: 52 Steedman, Athlone, Gweru
Bus: Mixed Blend Car Sale, 5th Street Gweru
Cell: 0773427724

Deceased: 1. Shelton NFPK

2. Gamuchirai Mudungwe Age: 30 years
NR: Not Supplied
Res: Number 40 fines road Ridgemont heights, Gweru

Complainant 1. Nyasha Nharingo Age: 31 years
NR: Not known
Res: Room 11 Bensam Flats
Bus: Unemployed

Complainant 2. Nyaradzo Nharingo Age: 34 Years
NR: Not Supplied
Res: 799 Senga Area 2, Gweru
Bus: Not Employed

The accused and complainant number 1 are husband and wife whilst complainant number 2 and 1 are sisters. Deceased number 1 and number 2 are boyfriend and girlfriend. The accused and both deceased persons are not related. Deceased number two was a friend to complaint number 1.

On the 22 April 2021 at around 1100 hours deceased number 1, 2, complainant number 1 and 2 went to Masvingo collect the passport of complainant number 2.

The accused got wind that the four had gone to Masvingo without his knowledge and this did not go down well with him since he was suspecting infidelity.

At around 2000 hours, the accused armed with an unknown type of firearm went to number 11 Bensam Flats Main street, Gweru where complainant number one resides.

The accused, accused complainant number one of having an affair with deceased number one and an altercation ensued which prompted the accused to go downstairs and shot deceased number one whom was seated at the driver’s seat of a Toyota Hiace Registration number AFI 0969 silver in colour once on the head, and he died instantly.

Accused went upstairs and met the second deceased on the entrance to the flat and shot her once on the chest and she died instantly.

The accused proceeded to the house where he shot complainant number 1 on the neck and complainant number two on the head and both sustained serious injuries.

The accused disappeared in the darkness after the shooting.

The accused’s young brother Advance Dube and Justina Nomatter Chawana who is the accused’s first wife witnessed the incident went to the police and made a report.
Scene was attended by CID and DUB sections.
Scene was initially attended during night and a guard was placed.
The casualties were evacuated to Gweru Provincial Hospital were conditions are serious
The bodies of the deceased are at the scene awaiting the arrival of experts.

To have experts attend the scene and take preservative samples
Obtain particulars of deceased number 1
To recover and preserve spent cartridges.
To arrest the accused person and recover the weapon used.
To record statements from witnesses who witnessed the incident.
To obtain postmortem reports and ascertain the causes of deaths
Verify vehicle particulars

You will be upraised of any new developments in due course. Matter is being investigated under ZRP Gweru Central RRB Number 4655417.

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