Mona Gucci Offers Advice To Her Slay Queen Colleagues, Uses Herself As An Example

She seems to think she is unique from other slay queens under the guise of Monalisa Abigail Semeha, AKA Mona Gucci.

Perhaps because she is on a tight budget and cannot afford the lipo she would need to keep up with the larger ladies on the dance floor.

Her appearance on Neat FM was to discuss the plight of slay queens as if she didn’t have a strong desire to rub shoulders with them in the first place, and as if she were some kind of expert on the subject.

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In order to break it down, she began by dividing slay queens into two categories: those who really possess the things they flaunt and those who must sell their souls in order to seem as though they are enjoying the high life.

Due to the fact that she does not even fall into the second group, I have a feeling Mona Gucci is in a class by herself.

As reported by Mona Gucci, about 90 percent of slay queens are real prostitutes, and the vast majority of the men with whom they sleep have questionable sources of money, which somehow contaminates the slay queens’ life and has a negative impact on their well-being.

In an effort to make herself seem like some kind of higher person, Mona claimed that she has never been affected by the riches that her superiors flaunt and urged other slay queens to be like her in order for Ghana to be less dramatic.

Watch the video below:


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