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Moesha Boduoung Deletes All Her Pono Photos On Instagram After She Gave Her Life to Christ


In a viral report filed by on June 27, we reported thus;

Having satisfied lusty internet folks with her semi-nude photos and being embroiled in a lot of scandals and controversies, the video attracted massive attention as a cross section of social media quickly dismissed it as a mere gimmick underpinned in her known persona.

But what we saw in the video is far from that as Moesha, who occasionally reminds us that she’s also an actress is seen giving her life to Christ and asking him to use her as her vessel amidst tears of regret and remorse for the dirty life she had lived while kneeling on the pulpit.”

Well, to resonate with her new personality, Moesha has deleted all her sexually explicit photos of herself on Instagram, some of which showed her big butts in bikinis and all that. She now shares Biblical and inspirational quotes to reinforce her new posture as a born-again Christian.

She has also changed her name to Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong.


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