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Men find it difficult to help their fellow men – Lady narrates how a man helped her but snubbed a guy in the same situation » GhBase•com™


A Nigerian lady has noted with concern that men hardly extend a helping hand to their fellow men but are more inclined towards ladies who might be in the same situation. 

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The lady who uses the name Mizel @Hadhanr on Twitter substantiated her stance by stating a real-life situation she personally experienced.

According to her, it occurred that she was on the road standing close to a man, waiting for a vehicle to transport her to her destination.

A man driving then picked her up and refused to help the man who was also waiting for a vehicle. She shared; ”Men find it difficult to help their fellow men.

“I remember a day I & a guy stood on the road, not close to each other though, man was flagging vehicles to help him to the gate and none answered, then one car passed him and parked near me to offer me a lift.

I asked why he didn’t stop for the other guy and he replied “He’s a man, he’d figure it out”

It’s this kind of mentality that some men hold against their fellow men that makes it difficult to assist them.”


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