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Men F*ck You For Free, Because You Are Depressed


This fight between Afia Schwarand Ayisha Modi follows after the Moesha saga trended on social media. According to Ayisha Modi, she’s the spiritual protector of Moesha Boduong and called out Afia Schwar during the time Moesha was going through a phase in her life. She also dared Afia that she has audios which she would make public if Afia dares her.

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In a swift rebuttal, Afia Schwar has dragged AyishaModi in an Instagram live daring her to drop all videos she claims she has against her. According to Afia, Ayisha always wants attention because she is depressed. She also stated that she has been fucked several times by men who don’t pay her.

I feel sorry for you. You smoke wee more than me because you are depressed. Your room is so unkept and also smells. You are not my friend, you are my fan. You gifted me a phone but you are not my friend” Afia fired.

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Afia Schwar stated that the audio Ayisha Modi claims she has is just a thank you message she sent her after she gifted her daughter Adiepena an amount o GH2,000 during her party.

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