A video of a British man who speaks Twi like he’s a Ghanaian has gone viral on the internet.

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Over the years, Africans, and Ghana to be specific has experienced or seen some expatriates or foreigners who stand the chance of learning some of the local cultural practices in the country during their stay here.

Some of these notable cultural practices these foreigners normally engage themselves in are dressing in some traditional ways/ attires, eating/ enjoying some local foods and drinks, learning some of the traditional dances and above all, learning how to speak and understand some of the local languages in Ghana.

Of all the foreigners who has been spotted over the years speaking some of the Ghanaian languages, no one does it better than Kofi Asante, a British man who now claims to come from Kwadaso, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

Kofi Asante during his conversation with some Ghanaians revealed he lived in Ghana for a couple of years until he left the country in 1988 and during his time, he learned some of the local languages in the country including Twi, Ga, Hausa, Ewe among others.

When asked why he can still speak the Twi language ahead of the other languages so well even after leaving the country in about 33 years ago, he answered he noted that every Ghanaian one way of the other can speak and understand the Twi language hence motivated him to speak Twi with every Ghanaian he comes across on the streets of London.

Watch video below as he engages himself in a Twi conversation with some Ghanaian nationals he met on a train in London.

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com