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Meet Gospel Artiste Who Was Declared Dead After A Failed Abortion


Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, Georgia Adjei has made a stunning revelation about her past which almost landed her at the mortuary after she went to a hospital for an abortion.

“I remember the last abortion that I did and we were about seven ladies who went to the hospital to terminate our pregnancies,” she confessed in an interview monitored by

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She continued “After the abortion six of the ladies were okay and awake except me because I was lying down dead”.

Speaking on the Which is Which show hosted by Sir Solomon on CTV, Georgia Adjei revealed that she suddenly opened her eyes miraculously just when an ambulance arrived to convey her corpse.

She continued “They did everything to bring me back to life but it failed and so they finally called the ambulance to come and convey my dead body to the mortuary.

“Suddenly I opened my eyes and I saw all the nurses clapping and shouting that she has gotten up and asked what happened and they said I died,” she concluded.

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