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Marwako food poisoning case: Competitor sabotage is possible – PRO


The Public Relations officer of Marwako Fast Food Limited has said that his outfit is investigating the incidence of food poisoning that was recorded in some of its branches.

Mr. Mohammed Amin Lamptey said Management is considering all possibilities in the quest to ascertain the cause of the unfortunate happening.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM‘s Newsnight, on Thursday, Mr. Lamptey did not rule out any possibility of competitor sabotage.

“When you talk about competition in marketing undoubtedly, your competitors would have a way of trying to neutralise you because you have located your business at a place where probably you have taken away some of their customers.

“There are soo many things that your competitors would do knowingly and unknowingly. Some can even use your own staff and they can use your own people in your own company, it’s normal. I am a lecturer in Journalism, PR, Marketing and Communication. In Marketing, when I teach them regards to this, I tell them all these because you are the heartbeat of the company. You are the lifeline of the customer because if you dare do a small mistake, it is going to cause a disaster, it is going to cause serious outcome,” he told Evans Mensah.

He further noted that the company has admitted the action and has since visited victims at the hospital and paid the hospital bills for some victims.

“We are happy that it came out and Marwako we have admitted sincerely that indeed it has happened and all of us we have visited most of these victims, some of them we have paid their hospital bills, some of them we have visited them in their residence,” he added.

Marwako, a fast-food eatery in Accra, has been trending on Twitter for the past three days after several Twitter users complained of being served contaminated food, resulting in food poisoning.

The complaints were triggered by one Edward Elohim, who posted about his illness after eating at Marwako last Saturday.

Subsequently, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) closed down the restaurant’s East Legon and Abelenkpe branches.

“The FDA has taken notice of complaints from the public about the suspected food poisoning at the East Legon Branch of Marwarko Restaurant.

“We have closed down the restaurant and, together with other relevant agencies, started investigations”, the tweet said.

Providing updates on the issue, the Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs at the FDA, Joseph Bennie said aside East Legon branch, the Abelenkpe and La branches have also been closed based on the reports received.

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