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Many Christians Undergo Fast Because Of Hunger – Patience Nyarko


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Ghanaian gospel musician Patience Nyarko has asserted that a lot of fasting Christians claim to undergo is due to the fact that they are hungry and cannot afford food at the time.

In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii, she said, “I’ve been a victim, so I know what I’m saying. When you see people on a park praying aggressively who claim to be undergoing a fasting and prayer session don’t always believe them; some are actually very hungry”.

She mentioned that, before she became who she is today, she faced some tough times and even had to lodge in a church for shelter because she could not afford food and accommodation.

“Staying in a church and not being able to afford food I just had to pretend to be undergoing a fast just so I don’t feel the impact of the hungry,” she teased.

Asked to mention how long she could go without food all in the name of fasting she mentioned that, “more than once I starved for more than two weeks or more all in the name of fasting but God’s grace kept me going”.

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