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Mankessim murder: Chief defends mason who dug hole for burying victim


The Tufuhene of Ekumfi Akwaakrom, a suspect in the Mankessim murder case, has pleaded with the Cape Coast District Court to withdraw the third accused person from the ongoing trial.

Christopher Ekow Clarke explained in court on Tuesday that the 26-year-old mason, Jonathan Obeng, was not part of the crime because he was only contacted to dig the hole for burying the victims.

But according to the Prosecution, Jonathan Obeng equally acted with a common purpose with the first two suspects to commit the crime.

The chief is said to have made this revelation during court proceedings on Tuesday, October 4.

The presiding judge, Bernice Mensima Ackon, interjected and stopped him from talking.

She said the trial had not gotten to the stage that required the accused persons to speak.

In court, the first charge sheet was withdrawn and substituted with a new one to include the third accused person, Jonathan Obeng, the mason.

Unlike the first two suspects, Mr Obeng was represented by a lawyer in court.

Meanwhile, the family of the late Georgina Asor Botchwey has called on the court to expedite the trial.

Speaking to the media after the court hearing, an aunt of the deceased asserted that the suspects know they are guilty; hence, the family does not expect any delay in the proceedings.

“The government should sanction them accordingly to ensure that everyone is pleased. I am confident that on October 18 when they reappear before the court, they would admit that they are guilty.

“It is clear they are guilty; so, the court should not continue adjourning the case. It should rather expedite the trial. Currently, as I speak to you, the deceased’s sister has been left in total shock; her life has been messed up by this case. I doubt if she would even have the courage to marry or show interest in any man,” Kate Swanzy said.

The three accused persons will be in court for the third time on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

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