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Man Expresses Undying Love For Cheating Wife


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 Man Expresses Undying Love For Cheating Wife, Blames Best Friend For “Luring” Her


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There was drama in Nyanga when a heartbroken man expressed his undying love for his wife who had been cheating on him for the past year.

Martin Kanyanani of Muzika Village under Chief Saunyama told the traditional court that he was deeply hurt when he discovered that his wife, Chipo Kanyanani, had been carrying out an illicit affair with his best friend Thomas Nhipura.

Kanyanani expressed his hurt at the fact that he had been the last person to learn of the affair in the entire village. He also said that he was extremely hurt at Nhipura’s betrayal, who he said he had trusted implicitly until he learned of his shenanigans.

Interestingly, Kanyanani blamed Nhipura for luring and seducing his wife. As a result, he insisted that he will not be separating from his cheating wife over a simple mistake of judgement. He told the traditional court,

“Although she cheated on me, I still love my wife. I do not intend to surrender her to Nhipura or her parents. My love for her never changed after I heard about the affair. She even confessed to me. I just felt betrayed, but I still need her as my wife.

“I cannot make silly decisions based on her single mistake. He lured and seduced her.”


Man Expresses Undying Love For Cheating Wife, Blames Best Friend For "Luring" Her
Chipo Kanyanani (Image Credit: Manica Post): Man Expresses Undying Love For Cheating Wife, Blames Best Friend For “Luring” Her


Chipo recently gave birth to the couple’s only child. Despite the length of the adulterous affair between his wife and erstwhile best friend, Kanyanani insisted that he had no doubts about the paternity of the child.

“They were doing it in public but all along I thought they were just being friendly. What irks me the most is that my wife was pregnant during the time of their fling. Many people are even suggesting that the child she was carrying might not be mine. I know the child is mine but people are insisting that I might not be the father and that hurts.”

Kanyanani told the traditional court that he wants an apology in lieu of compensation from Nhipura since the latter is a pauper. Nhipura is employed as a herdsman.

“All I need is for justice to prevail. He was sleeping with my wife and they were frolicking all over the village behind my back. I want him to apologise and pay me for the pain that he has put me through. However, he has nothing. I will therefore just settle for an apology from him.

The betrayed husband also expressed anguish at the fact that Nhipura has been going around mouthing off about how is not going to apologise or pay compensation.

“He has been going around telling people that he will not compensate me or apologise. He actually tells everybody that I am a fool because I did nothing to him when he confessed to sleeping with my wife.

“He says I am a toothless dog. Instead of being the victim, I am now the bad guy who disrupted the two’s affair,”

The Manica Post reports that Chief Sauyama postponed ruling on the case to allow Nhipura, who did not attend the hearing, to present his side of the case.


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