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Man Causes Stir Online As He Reveals He Drove His G-Wagon To Work So His Boss Can Stop Sending Him Unnecessary Errands.


A Nigerian man named @rsvptemple on Twitter has caused a stir online after he revealed the method he used to stop his senior colleague from sending him errands.

Temple revealed that at his former job, a senior colleague sent him to buy food for her and in order to avoid such errands in future he drove his G-Wagon to work the next day.

According to him, this act was a silent warning to them. He revealed this via a tweet on Tuesday, January 26.

He tweeted;

“Last place i worked, some senior lady sent me to buy her food. next day, i drove a g wagon to work as a silent warning.”

“On top salary wey no dey last one weekend”

This tweet has continued to spark different reactions from Nigerians. Many have found it very funny, other have said that he’s telling a lie while some have tapped into his ‘grace’.

Some reactions read;

@MisterSlyy wrote;

“Lmao You’ve not met some type of women that work in govt offices. G Wagon yen gaan gaan lo ma fi lo ra amala ni akinyemi”

@SirMhithi_ wrote;

“This lie is from the pit of hell…..”


“Mad! But what if she had sent you on more errands that day? I mean, errands should be easier to run with a G Wagon. 😅”

@Christa15982818 wrote;

“G Wagon should be a Federal warning, nothing silent about it. I hope you blew your horn like 3 times for all of them to notice then wait for them to peep before coming down from the car with so much swag 😂😂😂😂😂. I can do this ooooo but I have L Wagon 😭😭😭😭😭😭. God when. https://t.co/UaxctttsRv”

See screenshots below;



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