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Lilwin Is Now Very Broke – Current Manager Reveals


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Nhyiraba Kojo’s earlier bastardized assertion that the comic actor is damn broke has been subtly confirmed by Lilwin current manager during a virtual interview with Ogidi Brown on Nhyira Fm.
Accordingto Okyeame who is now acting as LilWin’s manager, Lilwin’s former manager who is in the person of Busumuru Sean Kingston did a lot of harm by signing absurd contracts with brands on behalf of Lilwin.

In the interview, Okyeame admitted with wisdom that LilWin is currently struggling in the area of finance largely due to the ‘fraudulent’ works of Busumuru Sean Kingston when he was managing LilWin.

In his own words;

Busumuru didn’t do things well. He managed LilWin based on friendship so most of the time he didn’t charge people who wanted to use LilWin for shows and that is the reason why LilWin finance has come down.

Busumuru was taking a smaller amount of money from event organizers for himself and be persuading LilWin to go and play such shows…

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Now am back as the manager to do things right reasons why I didn’t allow Lilwin to go for Nhyiraba Kojo’s show

Okyeame additionally added that he’s working like the devil to correct all the mistakes of Busumuru Sean Kingston so that Lilwin can bounce back financially.



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