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Let me honour my undertaking for been silent on national issues


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Former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has told Accra-based Asaase Radio to allow him honour an undertaking that has made him silent on national issues.

Martin Amidu resigned from the position as Special Prosecutor in 2020 prior to the general election.

He cited interference from the Presidency as one of the main reasons behind his resignation after his appointment was met with so much hope to nip corruption in the bud.

The former Special Prosecutor has since been silent on National issues but has today written on the nomination of Kissi Agyebeng’s nomination for Special Prosecutor and other matters arising in the country.

Martin Amidu also addressed some propaganda been led by Accra-based Asaase Radio to paint him black and create public disaffection for him.

He tells the Radio station to stay off his case indicating that “By all means let anybody root for his or her preferred Special Prosecutor as an insurance against prosecution for corruption in Government but leave me out of the propaganda. I am honouring an undertaking by my silence in not commenting on public affairs. Stop tempting me to speak by the defaming propaganda against me. It will not be in anyone’s interest”.

Source: 2021

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