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”Kwasiafuo” – Ayisha Modi Boldly Tells Victoria Michaels After Making An Attempt To Rubbish Her Comments About Moesha’s Condition

- earlier reported on Victoria Michaels responding to claims that Moesha’s possessions have been sold and given out the monies to the congregation and the pastor who has been identified as Pastor Ibe.

As per reports, Victoria Michael has enlightened social media commentators who are claiming Moesha Bodoung has sold every one of her assets and given the cash to the church.

As indicated by her, there’s no reason for such claims and consequently it ought to be viewed as a bogus. She further added that, Moesha willingly gave our her belonging after she atoned and gave her life to to the most high.

This is what she had to say;.

”We are made STRONG by HIS MIGHT.




My sister-in-Christ Maurecia @moeshaboduong is fine and in a place where is being taken care of and counseled. Please stop spreading lies about me,Pastor Gabriel,the church @wearerevelationint and the body of Christ. You all have no idea what is going on. My sister @queenafiaschwarzenegger knows more than anyone else that Maurecia called people to her home and gave things out to the poor for reasons I can’t share . I knew nothing about it until she mentioned it on phone.That’s all I can say for those spreading lies. You say properties were sold? Which properties are these? She has not given anything to the church or to the pastor. No property has been sold and proceeds given to the church or the pastor. Family members of her choice know where she is and are working with the church to ensure she is well taken care of.

Do not allow what you see on social media to mislead you. Not all that glitters is gold my people.

Maurecia is still here with us and she will eventually come out and tell the truth you all seek. May God forgive all the people spreading lies.

All I expect the body of Christ to do now is pray pray pray for the salvation of her soul so that what the lord has began in her life will be permanent.

I am not perturbed by the lies. I just had to clear the air.

The battle is beyond the physical but the Lord has given us victory already.


Well, It happens that Ayisha Modi was not impressed with the comments from Victoria Michaels and as such has taken to social media to also take her to the gutters.

This is what she had to say;

”@vicamichaels don’t tell me what Afia knows. Am telling u what I know. You see this life what u ripe is what u sow . When did ur manager became a pastor? And why didn’t you sell all ur things and give him the money cos u and I know whatever he is telling ppl about @moeshaboduong u have done worse things than her so why didnt u also sell u own properties . Madame go and come back. You guys are not her family. Give her back to her family and stop all this stupid talk. I will deal with u later, Kwasiafuo”

Checkout her post below;

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