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Kofi Adomah’s wife “curses” lady for publishing her face on the internet


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For the past 5 days and counting, renowned journalist and broadcaster, Kofi Adomah and his wife have been trending on the internet for the apparent reason.

Aside from close family members and friends of the two power couples, almost all Ghanaians can’t identify Mrs Miracle Aodmah by face because she has never shared a picture of her real identity on any social media platform.

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Her husband, Kofi Adomah has also never shown the face of his wife and even if he shares pictures of himself and her together, he deliberately crops her face out.

Seemingly, Mrs Miracle Adomah hates social media attention and anything that comes with it hence the reason behind her mystery identity.

Unfortunately, Mrs Miracle Adomah’s real identity has finally been uncovered and she’s not happy about the development at all.

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In a now-deleted Facebook story, a female Facebook user with the profile name Veronica Akua shared a short of Mrs Miracle Adomah seriously dancing at an event without her consent.

Infuriated Mrs Adomah later jumped into Veronica’s inbox to chide and “curse” her for intentionally doing the unpardonable because she’s aware she has emphasised on several occasions that she doesn’t want her face to be shown to the world.

According to angry Mrs Adomah, Veronica’s grandchildren will suffer the same fate as hers’ since she has decided to poke her nose into affairs that don’t concern her.

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Veronica, in turn, replied to Mrs Adomah’s curses by insisting she only posted the video to show the world how strong and beautiful she is.

Take a look at the short conversation between Mrs Adomah and Veronica.

Kofi Adomah’s open confession on live radio for cheating on her wife has done him and his relationship more harm than good.

If only he knew that things would have turned out in such a disgusting manner this way, he would have kept his secrets to himself and not used his story as a piece of advice to his fellow men.

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