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Kobi Rana Set to Drop List Of Eugene’s Side Chics


Kobi Rana is breathing fire and brimstone on the head of Ghanaian blogger Eugene Osafo-Nkansah for trying to paint him in a bad light.

The filmmaker, dancer, choreographer and actor is not happy the renowned blogger and producer at Accra-based radio station Peace FM made a publication about him that set him on the path of collision with homophobic Ghanaians.

It all happned after Rana shared his thought about the viral video that captured the moment Ghanaian lawmakrs prayed fervently to stop the activities of LGBTQ+ gaining more ground in the country.

Rana, while reacting wrote on Instagram: “Here are Ghana leaders praying today. They are praying against LGBT and planning to criminalize it. I am sure that will stop police and military from killing citizens, get jobs for unemployed youth and solve the unbearable cost of living.

Not forgetting their own corruption. Thieves praying against sex. How will somebody’s vagina, penis and asshole fix your country? YOU WILL DO ANYTHING TO SHIFT ATTENTION FROM THE PROBLEMS AND FAILURES YOU MUST FIX. The world must be rolling on the floor with laughter. Best comedy news for @cnn @bbc @mtv @enews.”

Eugene shared a screenshot of his comment on his blog which he shared on Instagram. Upon sighting the post, Kobi descended on him and mentioned that Eugene has a lot of side chics aside from Abena Korkor.

He wrote: “Why will you shift my #fixthecountry post to LGBT caption to create hate for me? Not even bold enough to tag me like the others you post. Yo niga. You are married but you lick ass like gay men do.

You lick pussy like lesbians do. Your other partners are yet to come out. So learn from your shame and stop this old evil blogging.

Ive been quiet all these years cos of respect for un Vicky. You NEVER posted website or bulletproof album to support me but you are quick to destroy.”

See a screenshot below;


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