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Kafui Danku Talks About The Truth About Child $3xual Abuse We Ignore


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Actress Kafui Danku has enlightened up about the truth of child $3xual abuse that we mostly ignore and don’t talk about in our homes.

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Kafui Danku in a video shared on Instagram enlightened fans on the petty things we turn to ignore in relation to child $3xual abuse and that in turn leads to so many things we could have prevented as parents and guardiancies.

Sighting examples with her experience back in secondary schools and basic school, Kafui Danku revealed that most perpetrators are people around us such as teachers, uncles, pastors but we turn a blind eye to most of the things they do.

Her examples show how some teacher tried to molest a friend of hers when they were in basic school asking her to take some books to his house so he could have his way with her and another was molested by two pastors who were taking care of her.

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Kafui Danku then went ahead to advise parents to have effective communication with their kids and also make sure to educate them about their private parts and not use funny names for them so they can be able to say if someone touches their private part.

$3x education is one thing that is hardly taught in our part o the world but now things are changing now as $3x education is being introduced to schools and we hope this helps kids and curb child $3xual abuse.

video below;


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