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Jessica Gadsden Age, Bio, Net Worth, Charlemagne Tha God Wife Facts


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Jessica Gadsden is an American fitness trainer, and gym consultant widely known as the wife of renowned media personality, Charlemagne Tha God. Despite having a profession that could easily place her under the limelight she gained popularity due to her relationship with her husband.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Jessica Gadsden including her personal and professional life.

Who is Jessica Gadsden?

Jessica Gadsden made her way into the world on November 29th, 1981 in South Carolina, United States of America and as of 2022 she is 41 years old and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is known as the wife of Lenard Larry McKelvey popularly known as Charlemagne Tha God who is the co-host of the radio show “The Breakfast Club”

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Jessica Gadsden had her childhood in Southern California however there’s not much known about her in terms of her parents, siblings, and childhood however it is known that she started her relationship with Charlemagne in high school as they both attended the same school.

Jessica Gadsden and Charlemagne Tha God

Jessica Gadsden and Charlemagne Tha God Dating

The two started dating after meeting themselves in high school however at the time the media personality was donned in criminal activities like selling drugs like cocaine and marijuana which led him to being arrested twice for drug possession but his father bailed him out. His third arrest was he witnessed a shooting incident while doing his drug activities but this one his father refused to bail him hence his mother helped him out and that was when he promised not to get involved in any drug dealings but would rather find a good career path.

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As Jessica Gadsden and Charlemagne started their relationship in high school, Jessica Gadsden decided to pursue her university education and Charlemagne also pursue his radio work.

Jessica Gadsden education

Jessica Gadsden enrolled in at the University of South Carolina, Columbia where she completed a degree in Journalism and mass communication. After graduating she continued in Bergen Community College to pursue a degree in Biology and after completing she proceeded to complete her postgraduate studies at Missouri’s Website University for an MBA.

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Jessica Gadsden career

Jessica Gadsden was much focused on her academics but she took time to pursue other interests in fitness. She made the gym a regular thing and eventually became interested in many aspects of fitness and then began taking jobs at the gym and athletic clubs in her area like New York Blood Service, East Shore Athletic Club, and Core Fire Pilates.

After gaining experience she started her own gym and also serve as a personal trainer and instructor for students in bodybuilding, weight lifting, and gymnastic.

Jessica Gadsden’s net worth

Jessica Gadsden has made quite a huge fortune for herself by working in the fitness industry and has an estimated net worth of about $2 million however her husband is having an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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