3 Ghanaian Male celebrities have been exposed for allegedly been Top Gigolos in the country. A post by popular Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls revealed that these celebrities sleep with Marriage women for Money.

According to the blogger, these men target and date rich women at East Legon whose Husbands are rich but mostly travel abroad for Business.

Cutie claims these Men date the women so they can take care of them. Another of their hot spot is Trassaco married women. It is believe that the women of these women are most outside the country so these men take advantage to be with them and get paid.

This comes as a surprise as this lifestyle is mostly associated with female celebrities who do this to live expensive lifestyle. Cutie wrote: We’ve stopped doing amebo o it’s just that we want to share with you that in Ghana, as the married men are doing the young girls, these fine energetic young men have reciprocated by doing the married women also. Whether you are young or old. It doesn’t matter. So long as you are a married woman with rich husband and you have access to the money then you qualify. Especially those around East Legon and Trassaco that their husbands spend most times abroad. As for Bro Kwabena di3 he will even move in with the woman if she wants. 😩😩

But on a more serious note, some of the husbands have become aware and when the vawlence happens, don’t say “Cutie did not warn them”. Okay o. 👩‍🦯