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It’s Unwise For A Lady To Spend Money On A Guy She Hasn’t Married-Counselor Lutterodt Reveals


Famous and controversial Ghanaian counselor, Cyril George Lutterodt has stirred up massive debate on social media following a comment he made.

According to Counselor Lutterodt if any lady invest heavily on a man with the intentions or expectations of the man getting married to her is either ugly or not loved.

If you’re a woman and you take care of a man and spend heavy on him with the expectation that he’ll marry you then that woman must be either ugly, overused or no one actually loves her,’ he stated.

He further said that it’s only wise for one to spend money on people whom they’re legally married to and not people they’re just dating.

”The only ones that we spend money on is the husband or wife that is we spend on those that we are legally married to. So during ordinary relationships you don’t have to spend too much on your lover he stated.



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