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It’s unfair to blame the leadership of NDC for the 2020 defeat – Lecture Dr. Alidu Seidu


Political analyst and a Lecturer at the University of Ghana Dr. Seidu Mahama Alidu has said that it is unfair for anyone to blame the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for their defeat in the 2020 general election and demand pink sheets to back the claim that the party really won.

“It would be unfair that after all these, all the blames are laid squarely on the leadership of the party”, Dr. Seidu Alidu told Joy FM in an interview monitored by

According to him, though it is good for members of the party to demand accountability with regard to elections, however, each individual in the party should also take some kind of responsibility of what caused their defeat.

“It is good to demand accountability but it is also important to be responsible in the demand of this accountability”, he chided.

Dr. Seidu’s comment comes after some groups and individuals of the NDC became mad at the party leadership accusing them of being responsible for their defeat in the general election.

A founding member of the NDC Dr Benjamin Kumbuor has also made similar comments accusing leadership of the party of deceiving its grass root supporters.

According to Mr. Kumbuor, the foot soldiers are yet to be convinced the party won the 2020 presidential election especially when its own collated results still remain a mystery.

 “For the ordinary party members that you told that we have won the elections through the figures and collation that the party has done, why is it that those figures did not find their way into the court? That is a fundamental question…”, he, argued.

“There is only one way to answer this question. Come out and put it in the public domain; this is what we collated. This was what the outcome was. This is the margin by which we won. That has not been forthcoming” he added.

However, responding to this comment, Dr. Alidu Seidu explained that most of the reasons for the party’s defeat was self-inflicted hence leadership alone can’t be blamed.

 “Most of the reasons that accounted for the defeat of the NDC in the last year’s election were largely self-infliction; polling agents not getting the right pink sheets, people signing where they were not supposed to sign, people not verifying result before endorsing them, and a whole lots of things”, he said. 

Source: / Syxtus Eshun / 2021

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