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It’s been going on ‘low key’


A top lawyer has called on the General Legal Council (GLC) not to turn itself into an investigative body over allegations that Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah demanded and received the first tranch of a US$5million bribe.

The top lawyer argues that the allegation must be thoroughly investigated as clients usually speak of seeing such and such lawyer at one point or the other.

Lawyer Barker Oliver Vormawor’s remarks come after a Kumasi-based lawyer, Kwasi Afrifa alleged in a letter responding to the GLC that his former client, a Chief, had informed him that he paid a bribe of USD5million to Chief Justice Anin Yeboah and has already paid a first 10% tranch.

Lawyer Barker Oliver Vormawor said it is the case that “lawyers are always talking anecdotally of clients who tell them about having paid off a judge. This is the first time a lawyer has been bold enough to bring it out publicly.”

The lawyer further called on the Ghana Bar Association to as a matter of urgency issue a statement on the development while police take over the investigation.

“I think the Ghana Police Service should investigate these matters. The General Legal Council cannot investigate crime. It must complain with the Police. Francis, can the GBA issue a statement calling for that?” He wrote.

He added:

“… The General Legal Council must report this entire matter to the Ghana Police Service. I would argue that It has no competence to deal with this matter unless the crime is established. Contestable surely, but proper.

What did the petitioner understand “ways and means” to mean? Did he pay the money with the understanding that it was to be used for crime?

The lawyer in his response suggests 100,000 dollars was never paid. So that should be easily verifiable or?

Anyway, this is what people perceive your legal system to be when they interact with  it. The idea that “ways and means” money must be paid occasionally.

When we say it, apostles of the profession will line up their behind to come scream holier than thou.

Yoo. You do all.


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