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It Is Not Every Virgin Who Bleeds During Her First Sexual Encounter, Actress Kafui Danku Reveals As She Talks About Her First Ever Sexual Experience


Kafui Danku is a Ghanaian actress and movie producer, mostly known for her role in movies such as Any Other Monday, Alvina: Thunder and Lightning, I Do, and 4Play.

Kafui Danku has uncovered that the intuition by most men that each woman who is a virgin should bleed during her first sexual experience is only a myth.

She offered this expression in a self-recorded video she shared online to discuss the secret if all virgin bleed during their first sexual encounter with their partner.

As indicated by her, she never dropped any blood during her first sexual encounter with a man despite the fact that she was a virgin.

Kafui Danku added that this got her exceptionally stressed so she got some information from 6 of her friends about their own encounter however, out of this 6, just two uncovered that they really bled when they did it the for the very first time.

Checkout the video;



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