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Instagram Deletes Tunde Ednut’s Backup Page


Instagram has deleted the backup account of controversial blogger Tunde Ednut for the second time.

Tunde Ednut advised his followers to follow his backup account on July 2 when Instagram deactivated his newly created second account, according to 36ng.

Yet, only a day later, Instagram has removed his backup account.

Ednut’s first verified account, which had over 2.6 million followers, was deactivated in December 2020 due to a violation of the platform’s rules and regulations.

On January 10, 2021, the Nigerian blogger made an unforgettable return to the platform with a second account that quickly grew to over a million followers before being suspended and subsequently deleted on July 2.

According to sources, the writer used his previous massive account to body shame women and cyber abuse other celebrities, resulting in the account’s termination.

The cause for the platform’s deletion of Mr Ednut’s second and backup accounts has yet to be determined.

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