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I’m too handsome for ugly women


Sensational highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena born George Kwabena Aduhas cautioned ugly women to stay out of his way.

According to him, he does not like women who are ugly and will want them to stay away from him.

“I am one person who loves beautiful ladies. If you are not beautiful stay out of my way. I am a nice guy so I go for beautiful ladies,” he told Kofi TV.

This comment came after a viewer described him as gay and in his defence, Kwabena Kwabena asked the individual to bring his girlfriend if she is beautiful and see if she will come back to him after spending three days with him (Kwabena Kwabena).

On claims that he’s gay because of his change in fashion sense, Kwabena Kwebena indicated that his new style is just for him to feel happy for himself indicating that “for the records I’m straight”.

He, however, indicated that he is against violence meted out to LGBTQI+ members in society because they are humans and the fact that people have problems with their sexuality should never warrant them beatings.

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