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I’ll never consider going back to Parliament


Former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asokwa Constituency in the Ashanti Maxwell Kofi Jumah has said that he will never consider going back to Parliament in his lifetime.

According to him, Ghanaians do not appreciate Parliamentarians and it’s very painful that they have to do that.

To him, being an MP is a big sacrificial job and therefore during the electioneering process, no one should be influenced by money or other gifts and just choose anyone to fill the position but rather focus on those who can do the job.

“I’ve been a Parliamentarian before but today if I’m asked to go back to Parliament, there’s no way i will want to go back, I won’t even give you that attention. What am I using Parliament for? It’s the most unappreciative job ever in this country. It’s a big sacrificial job given to them.”

To Kofi Jumah, so far as Police are given guns to work, Members of Parliament (MPs) are entitled to cars to aid them in their work.

“Are Policemen not given guns when they are employed? Whatever they need for their work they should be given. I’ve been an MP before and I know their challenges, they are suffering is not so good. People who should know better rather run-down Parliamentarians hence peoples desire not to enter Parliament.”

Source: 2021

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