Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has taken to photo and video sharing app, Instagram to shared some of the challenges of being a female celebrity.

Halima Abubakar bemoaned that people criticise people who are not born naturally perfect and if you try to improve your appearance, you will be called fake.

According to her, regardless of how flawless a female celebrity will look, she would be called fake and lamented over the fact that people will go out of their way to find unflattering photos and angles of her.

Reacting to her post, an Instagram user identified as @henrigoth had this to say;

More like pple put a lot of pressure on themselves to be flawless .. Mostly cos they don’t have much or anything to offer than their physical appearances ..There are so many acts, celebrities and pple in the spotlight who have focused on their “ART” not their appearance and have been loved for it .. When your physical attributes is the focal point of your entire existence of cause the world will shred your imperfections to pieces … So let’s stop blaming pple for the insecurities you face when it comes to your body .. Also there’s nothing wrong in correcting or enhancing part of your physical body .. if u don’t like something, fix it, change it, plastic-surgery it .. But when you make this changes make sure you are doing it for you not because pple said you shld do it or pple called you imperfect. Then and truly is when u won’t care wat pple think about your body because the honest truth is pple will continue to find fault no matter what you do to your body .. So Do you and be happy …