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“If I Listened To All The Names I’ve Been Called I Won’t Be Where I Am Today” Toke Makinwa Says- See Screenshots


Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has advised people not to allow anyone make them feel less of themselves.

Toke has said that she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is now if she had listened to what people said about her in the past. She that those who quickly judge others always become exactly like the people they judged.

The Vlogger said that people need to fight for themselves and forget everyone in order to avoid stories that touch. Toke also reflected on the things she faced in life while stating that her book “On Becoming” was piece in which she poured her heart out.

In the early years, Toke was bullied on social media because of the moves she was making, she was also trolled after her divorce from her husband Maje Ayida. In series of tweets she shared on Thursday, January 29, she gingered her fans not to give up or else’s they would regret it later.

The tweets read;

“In November of 2016 I wrote a book, I was the most vulnerable and honest about who I am, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, it was quite brave to bare it all. Unashamed, the title of that book gave my life meaning. “On Becoming”…. I’ve literally watched myself become

“Don’t let nobody make you feel less than who you are, this is not a motivational quote, if you like give up if you want to, the opinions you care about will still share the news of your failure to see it through too so open ya eyes and fight for you

“Anyone standing in your way, tap them gently to move and if they don’t, knock them out of your way. Whatever it is, even family too. Everybody will be alright in the end

“If I listened to all the names I’ve been called I won’t be where I am today, you might not be the popular opinion but your  truth is much bigger and better than the comforting lies people tell themselves. Fight for you ❤️

“Watch how quickly those who judge you become exactly what they spent so long judging when it’s their turn, you better do you, do you well to avoid stories that touch. If you let them human beings will waste your time, save yourself ❤️

“Ok I’ve gingered you guys enough, listen I’m not here to motivate you oh, if you like give up, let the negative thoughts win, surrender, it is you that’ll regret it later when you see those who were persistent win. Fight for YOU. Forget “everyone”, they are fighting for them xx”

See tweets below;



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