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I would return to prison if I am not re-integrated


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An ex-convict, Samuel Nkrumah, who served a five-year sentence at the Awutu Camp Prison, says he wants support to become a professional driver as a means of reintegrating him into society.

He was quick to add that if he does not get proper re-integration, he is likely to return to prison though it is not his wish.

According to him, his painful experience in prison has taught him a lesson to refrain from nefarious and illegal activities that would push him back to jail.

Being a former driver’s mate before his imprisonment, he said he desires to become a driver so as to help him to abstain from unlawful acts.

“Prison life has taught me lots of lessons and I would not want to go back. However, when I am hard up for money, I become uncomfortable and if it is by every means, I have to get the money I would not hesitate. I want to become a driver so that I can start a new life,” he told crimecheckghana.org.

Narrating what sent him to prison, he said friends influenced him to engage in criminal acts when he was a driver’s mate.

“I was in the company of bad friends and so they did not give me any good advice. Upon the money I made from being a mate, I was not satisfied and therefore engaged in thievery. I did not focus on the job and I did not humble myself to be taught how to drive. When I went to prison, my family neglected me. Now that I have my freedom, I am ready to learn.

“I am appealing to the public to help me to learn how to drive so that I can make a meaningful living,” he appealed.

This is part of series ‘STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE’ to caution the general public on the consequences of crime so as to serve as a deterrent for those engaged in crime.


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