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I watch my boyfriend have sex with other women – it turns me on to be…



A woman has shared her unique fetish, where she enjoys watching her boyfriend having sex with another woman, before being denied the chance to join in.

Many people would be mortified to discover their partner sleeping with someone else, but Merry has explained how she and her former partner had embraced a polyamorous lifestyle, hooking up with one woman either altogether or separately once or twice a week.

Sharing her story on the Strictly Anonymous podcast, the woman – referred to as Merry – explained her love of seeing her boyfriend with other people, and remembered one relationship where she and her partner had a consistent girlfriend.

“When he was with her I’d be like, ‘yeah, send me a picture of you two together, because the thought of them having sex without me there was easily just as hot, or hotter even, than if I was involved,” she described.

And, in one surprising event, Merry recalled that the trio had been at the woman’s house watching some TV when she had fallen asleep. Waking up shortly after, she went to the bedroom to investigate, where she discovered that being denied sex turned her on.

“I went to go find them, and they were in the room, and I was like, ‘can I join?’ And her response was ‘no’, and I kind of died inside – in a good way,” she continued.

“It was like ‘oh wow, that’s really hot. It was a moment for me because I just went back to the couch, and could hear them having sex in the next room, knowing I wasn’t allowed to go and interact with them.”

After realising that she was into this unusual scenario, Merry did some research and discovered that people with a similar type of fetish are often referred to as ‘cuckqueans’.

Continuing her story, she added: “After a while, they did invite me in to join them, and we had more of a threesome that one day.

“But the memorable part was being denied and not being allowed, that was the highlight.”

Merry dated her partner for seven years, and during that time, the pair established boundaries to ensure their polyamarous relationship would be successful.

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