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I was shocked – Hit-and-run driver says after being arrested 19 years later


Justice has finally caught up with an errant motorist who committed a hit-and-run accident 19 years ago.

The accident, which occurred in 2002, resulted in the then 7-year-old victim getting her leg amputated.

After the accident occurred, Eliot Chinomwaza was arrested for negligent driving.

He, however, fled to Botswana before his case could be finalized at the courts.

Chinomwaza only returned home in 2016.  He has been playing hide and seek, hoping that the statute of limitations of 20 years would pass, rendering him a free man.

The statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time that parties in a dispute have to initiate legal proceedings.

The length of time allowed under a statute of limitations varies depending upon the severity of the offense.

When a statute of limitations expires in a criminal case, the courts no longer have jurisdiction.

Chinomwaza’s victim Chipo Zhento, 26, did not give up, however. She continued pushing for justice, resulting in the arrest of Chinomwaza on Tuesday.

Zhento, who is now a vendor following the traumatic accident told H-Metro:

“The accident occurred in 2002, while I was on my way from school with my colleagues, and my right leg was cut-off at the spot. The accused person did not even show remorse by helping me since the day in question. He only ferried me to the hospital”.

Zhento also said that she has been suffering since the accident and never received any assistance.

“I am hurt because I am living under a hard condition that was caused by someone, who did not even render any assistance towards my situation. I am the one who phoned him this month, informing him that I am Chipo, the one he hit in 2002, but suddenly he blocked my cellphone number,” she said.

Chinomwaza said he was not expecting the authorities to apprehend him due to the time that has elapsed.

“It is so painful to meet the girl that I hit at the age of three, surely by now without the grace of God, she would have died on the spot, since the situation was bad.

“I did not expect to see police officers at my doorsteps, as I thought maybe the case is over because it has been 20 years since this happened.

“The police officer who was investigating my case just told me to go back home and promised to call me for further developments, but from there I was not called.

He also added that he is now unable to help Chipo because he has also fallen on hard times and suffered a stroke.

“I developed mild stroke in 2018 and have not yet recovered.

“…I was an able man and also the owner of those trucks had more finances but as you see here, I have no hope of rendering any assistance towards her life, since I have also the same condition that needs special care.

“Instead I will just wait for the court’s decision.”

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