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I was already a Millionaire when I got married at the age of 18


Nollywood Actress Omotola has finally spoken about her 25 year old marriage. Omotola claim she was already a Millionaire when she got married at the age of 18

She claim she was not dependent on her husband captain Ekeinde. According to her, even though she was young, she took full responsibility of her younger sibling so although she was young in age she was matured in thought

“I had my own Money, I was not dependent on any Man. Moreover my father died early, so I was responsible for my younger siblings, I was like their mother at that time, so I was very matured and financially prepared”

‘One should not marry a Man when one is not financially stable. If one does that, one would be going into slavery or better still prison, If any of my childern, after considering all these factors say they are ready for marriage, we the parent will meet the person and if we like them, we would give them our blessings”



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