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I Wanted To Become A Pediatrician But I Could Not Because Of The System In Ghana


UK based Ghanaian nutritionist, Eunice Nelson has revealed that she was denied admission into medical school because of the rigged system.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Eunice indicated that during her time at the University of Ghana, Legon, she could not further her dreams of becoming a paediatrician due to the system.

“At the time, you had to finish level 200 before getting into medical school. It was the determining stage. But I could not gain admission because they needed 60 for medical school and 10 for dentistry.
There are children of doctors and lecturers who get automatic access so I could not get the opportunity,” she told host DJ Nyaami.

The mother of three indicated that while at the University, she developed an interest in environmental science. As a result, she decided to apply for a masters program abroad.

“I was told that the university in Liverpool was a bit cheaper so I applied and got an admission. After the program, I got job offers but they were outside of Liverpool. I had just gotten married at the time and with a newborn too,” she added.

Eunice added that food and nutrition was also another interest and developed it into a career. Presently, she works with a health and nutrition company in Liverpool.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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