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I Say Only What God Wants Me To Say – Patience Nyarko


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Patience Nyarko has described herself as a messenger of God.

The gospel artiste claimed that all her words are instructed by God and there is nothing that she says that is not from the almighty.


In other words, she will not utter any words if God has not told her to speak.

“I don’t talk anyhow; anytime you hear me speak, know that I’m just saying what God wants me to say and I don’t care whether or not it makes you happy; what I say might help someone and that’s what matters”.

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According to her, the words that she speaks in general and in her lyrics are always the truth and anyone that consistently listens to her will agree.

She recounted the number of messages she has had to pass down to people from God about their lives and how the people reacted negatively to it.

This according to her is why people have issues with her just because what she said was the truth.

“This made me realize that people hate to hear the truth”.

“I’ve spoken about so many issues in this country which became a major issue and others I do not even remember. I once spoke about the kind of women Pastors should marry because being married to a Pastor is a calling and this issue became a very big one in the country” she explained.

Patience Nyarko however stated that she can not be disturbed by the negative backlash to the truth as there are still some people who are considered baby Christians.

“The matured ones and those who have insight in this understand what I was talking about. We even have some pastors who are still babies in Christ and this is what many don’t understand,”

“If you don’t understand anything I say, it simply means you don’t understand the word of God,” she concluded.


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