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I Fell In Love With A Single Mother, Took Care Of Her And Her Daughter Only For Her To Cheat On Me With Her Baby Daddy


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A 26 year old fuel attendant has taken to Facebook to lament about how a baby mama took his love for granted.

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He narrated how he took care of her and her child for years only for her to cheat on him with her baby daddy.

Read his full story below;

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I’m a 26 year old guy, a manager in one of a fuelling station in Ho, just recently got transferred from Accra.

been dating this 23 year old lady, she has a 3 year old daughter, i accepted her 2gether with the baby, shes in Accra and i just got a transfer in Ho, been there for her always, went as far as sending the daughter to a good private school, before i did this i ask her about the father and she said they’re over with, i asked her countless times if the guy wont be a problem and she said he wont. so from then i’ve been doing everything for her, she lacks nothing not even the child, i pay everything.

Just recently i thought of surprising her when i visited Accra only to find that she got back with the ex, everything i’ve been sendind, they’ve been enjoying with their little daughter.

Today i just got discharged from the hospital after having an accident as i was driving out of the scene. my car got bashed. dont know what to do.

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