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I Don’t Want A Man No Woman Wants


Ghanaian-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle who recently divorced her husband after getting married for 3 months over domestic violence has revealed that she doesn’t like men who no woman likes.

Princess Shyngle commenting on a post of someone asking ladies to imagine being with a guy who no lady wants, saying she doesn’t like men who no lady wants as that will make her mad for not having any competition.

According to her, it’s so sexy when a lot of women want your man but then he only wants you therefore she doesn’t want to be with a man that no woman wants as that will honestly make her very mad.

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From her post, it’s obvious Princess Shyngle wants men who are good-looking with ladies all over them giving her a competition but then also expect the guy to be faithful to her alone by proving that she’s the only one he wants among all the ladies over him.

Every lady has something in men that they really won’t compromise for and for Princess Shyngle it is for the man to be liked by a lot of women like a man that no woman like will make her really mad and today such men are easy to come by because the men themselves want to be with more than one woman.

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