I Don’t Let Little Things Get To Me – PM

Precious Mensah is on a quest to promote the image of plus-sized women.

According to the actress, it is her lifelong dream to become an international movie star and pave the way for plus-sized women in Ghana.

The Di Asa winner expressed her desire to work with well-established actors and actresses who have made names for themselves on the international scene.

Although she now primarily features in YouTubeskits after being featured in a number of local movies in the country, she mentioned the difficulties of being a plus-sized woman in the industry.

She noted how plus-sized women are not treated well in her interview with BBC News Pidgin which is why she intends to change the narrative.

“I want to become a well-established actress to be featured in international movies, advocate for plus-size people and also help them overcome stigmatization and body shaming,”

“I don’t let little things get to me. That has got me moving to this extent because there are certain things, I hear from people… I just move on. If I had allowed those things to get to me, PM wouldn’t have been here by this time,”

Naturally, people feel that plus-sized women are fat because they are lazy and sometimes people don’t give them any work because they feel like they can never be up to the task.

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