“I don’t have time for guys” – Nancy Isime reveals why she is single

TV host and media personality, Nancy Isime has finally opened up to her fans about her current relationship status.

In an interview with TVC, Nancy cleared the air on the rumors surrounding her relationship status.

Nancy said;

“I don’t have time for guys. I did have time for A guy.”

The interviewer told Nancy that whenever people join entertainment business, something tends to suffer and most of the time it’s relationships.

Nancy replied:

Why does it have to suffer? It doesn’t suffer with the men. The men get married and travel around the world and nothing suffers. So why is it that when a woman decides to be a career woman, it must suffer. (With relationships) I just manage it.

At the moment I’m not in a relationship but I was in a relationship for the longest time, I’m talking about years and I managed it very well. When there’s time, we know how to give time. When I’m working, I’m working. When I’m off I know when to talk to the person, to spend time with the person. It’s all about balance.”