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“I Didn’t Choose To Be Gay, I Knew When I Was 10” Bolu Okupe Speaks On His Sexual Orientation.


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Bolu Okupe, the son of former presuntial aide, Doyin Okupe has opened up about how he dicovered he was gay and his hopes for the future.

According to him, he didn’t choose to be gay as sexual orientation isn’t something anyone has a choice over. He dickosed this in an interview with Punch NG.

He said;.

“I did not choose to be gay. No one chooses their sexual orientation. The same way people do not choose to be straight, you just know.“

Bolu also revealed that he discovered he was gay when he was between the ages of 10 and 11.

He said;

“From the age of 10 or 11 I knew I was different, and if you speak to more people in the LGBTQ community they will tell you the same thing, it starts around pre-puberty years. We would progress more as a society if we spoke more to each other and judged less. If people take time to have conversations with people of the LGBT community and understand their point of view and perspectives, you will realise that most of us are really not trying to harm anyone and there is no “agenda.” We simply just want to exist and be entitled to the same basic human rights as everyone else.”

When asked if he hopes to have children some day he said;

“I will have my own children and a beautiful family someday. There are many ways for gay men to have children such as In Vitro Fertilisation or even through adoption.“

Bolu added that he can never change his sexual orientation even if he relocated back to Nigeria, according to him, he would live just like homosexuals currently live in Nigeria, which is in secrecy.

“My orientation can never change. As I stated before, if I was still living in Nigeria I would likely be living the same way all the millions of gay men there live, in secrecy. What happens in Nigeria is that many gay men lead a double life and this is not a life that I want for myself. Our time on this earth is short and limited and you don’t want to waste it living a lie or pretending to be something that you are not. There are also many Nigerian women who are married to gay men and basically their whole lives and marriages are a complete sham. Some know, some don’t, but I would never be able to do that to another human.“ He said.



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