Member of Parliament for the Yendi Constituency Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama is set to commission the first 20 out of 100 boreholes promised the people in his Constituency.

The commissioning will take place on Sunday, 27th June and Monday, 28th June, 2021.

The move is to address the plight of the people of Yendi with regards to the unavailability of potable drinking water.

The project which was made possible through a collaboration between the office of the Member of Parliament and Dunya, a Germany based NGO will see to the provision of water for the constituents, help reduce water crisis to its barest minimum and also reduce the rate of water-borne diseases in the Constituency.

The upcoming commissioning is just for the first phase of the entire water project. The intervention is programmed to stagger over a year-that is to factor recess periods for drilling and operational team.

The 100 Boreholes Project by Hon. Farouk-Aliu-Mahama, whose impact, upon completion, will be immense for the people of Yendi and its surrounding communities comes at a time when the good people of Yendi are seriously battling with the perennial water crisis at off-rain seasons.

Communities to benefit from the first phase of the

The communities that have benefited from the first phase of the water intervention programme include; Gagbini(2 boreholes), Kpatuya(1 borehole), Gukpegu( 1 borehole ), Kpasani(1 borehole ), Kpalgigbini-lahanja(1 borehole), Wankpang(2 boreholes), Kushegu(1 borehole), Saasigli(2 boreholes), Kpalbilogni(2 boreholes), Nakpachei(1 borehole), Meindoyilli(1 borehole), Bago(1 borehole), Yimahigu(1 borehole) and Kpachiyilli(1 borehole).

By far, the project estimated to cost Ghc1.5m( 15 billion old cedis) is the single largest investment ever made in Yendi to address the water challenge of the area.

The project is the most comprehensive touching every corner of the Constituency. Every nook and cranny of the Constituency is being supplied with a borehole.