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I can’t be President so I won’t embarrass myself- Avoka


Cletus Avoka Member of Parliament(MP) for Sevilla has revealed he will not embarrass himself by going to contest for the Presidency.

According to him, every individual has his calling and therefore becoming a President is not part of his calling as a politician.

He made this known when he spoke to Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio in an interview.

To him, unlike others who contest for Presidency without possesing the right qualities, he does not intend embarrasing himself.

The Zebilla Lawmaker said he has served under several Presidents and he did that without blemish indicating that that’s what his calling is.

The lawmaker said “I don’t have any interest of becoming a president. People are cut out for certain jobs. Others just jump into the fray for the sake of it. But there is no need to embarrass yourself. You should cut your coat according to your size. I think that is what some of us are trying to do. My coat is being a minister, MP and civil servant. I have served under 3 or 4 presidents without any blemish and that is what I think I can do not be president”.


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