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I add extra salt, pepper to my stepmom’s food so my father will hate her


Two girls have confessed to their scandalous activities that almost led to the collapse of their father’s third marriage.

The sisters, aged 24 and 14 said their intent was to live alone with their father, who is a wealthy fetish priest in the Ashanti region.

Despite catering for all their needs, the girls who lost have their mother said, sharing their father with another woman is not an option.

The young girls who made the confession on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM’s Obra, said they welcomed their third stepmother to their home by hiding her clothes.

For days, they said the distraught woman was wearing the same clothes.

Also, they said they added extra pepper and salt to every meal she cooked to force their father to drive her out of their home.

But their father rather grew more fond of his new wife.

They then decided to grind glass into powder and put in their father’s food so that their stepmother would be blamed for attempting to poison their father.

But luck eluded them and they were caught in the act.

The angry fetish priest who blamed his daughters for the collapse of his two marriages drove them out of the house and vowed not to cater for them again.

The distraught young girls run to Nhyira FM to help them beg their father for forgiveness.

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