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I Abandoned NPP General Secretary Ambition To Be Active For Bawumia- Listen


Deputy General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Obiri Boahen says he has aborted his decision to contest for the General Secretary position in the NPP.

Obiri Boahen when the year begun hinted of contesting for the General Secretary position in the NPP and was optimistic of a win because of the work he has done for the party over the years.

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But speaking in an interview with Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio, the astute politician indicated that he has been approached by some Elders of the party who have proposed that he becomes the Campaign Manager for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for the primaries and National election.

He said what they told him made sense to him and therefore he will stick to the Campaign Manager duties and not contest for the position as General Secretary for the governing political party.

“Are you not aware that aware that some people have approached me that if all things go well I should not contest the General Secretary position but I should consider myself as the Campaign Manager for Dr Bawumia.

Some elders of the party approached me that when the time comes, they want me to be the campaign manager for Dr.Bawumia and I said well I will accept that willingly. I have contributed a lot to the party so sometimes you listen to the elders. Assuming that if you have the likes of CK Tedam and Aliu Mahama, assuming that they were alive, imagine someone like Yeremiah and the rest if they approach you that do this. Can you refuse? No, you cannot refuse,” he told A1 Radio’s Samuel Mbura.

“I think that when they sold that Idea to me, I think that I’ve accepted it to be the campaign manager for Dr Bawumia both for the NPP Primaries and for the contest. Obviously it’s going to be the National contest so I think it’s a good suggestion so that explains why if you are not hearing from me in recent times, you know the time has not come for the NPP to lift the ban so we all need to keep our fingers crossed and exercise patience so that we don’t go contrary to the orders of the national executives that nobody should campaign,” he indicated.


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