Eric Jeshurun thinks that the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) will create more problems than it is looking to solve if it starts to collect royalties from churches in Ghana.

The gospel artiste, while making his submission on how to better get profit for all artists when other people use their intellectual properties, reacted to GHAMRO’s decision to ensure churches pay for using the intellectual property of gospel artists.

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM, he admitted his approval of the scheme, as the more royalties are available for artists, the better they can focus on creating more songs.

He however explained how GHAMRO would encounter very problematic scenarios because they are wading into a wider problem that Africa is currently facing when it comes to taxes.

“I don’t have a problem if GHAMRO wants to take money from the church but my problem is the approach,” he said.

“I think GHAMRO must begin to conscientize the churches through the Christian Council [of Ghana] because GHAMRO itself has administrative problems.”

Eric Jeshurun further stated that GHAMRO must employ the right set of advanced technology to collate royalties from churches because the approach of moving from one church to the other is backward.

This he said, might not be possible because of the lack of leadership GHAMRO is currently experiencing.


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