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How Nigeria Failed Dagrin — 9ice Ex-wife, Toni Payne Recounts


Toni Payne, baby mama and ex-wife of Nigerian singer, 9ice has stated that Nigeria failed late rapper Dagrin.

In an emotional post she made on her Instagram page, Tony Payn revealed that sometimes she recalls some memories about Dagrin and according to her, Nigeria failed him because he fought for his life.

The photographer recounted how Dagrin once brought 50 litres of fuel to her when she had run short of fuel due to scarcity and drove all the way to her place to give it to her late at night and never expected anything in return.

Toni Payne intimated that she gets angry when she recalls how the deceased rapper was strapped to the hospital bed whilst doctors were on strike.

See her post below;

Read some comments her narration generated on Instagram below;

@findng_ife wrote;

We don’t wanna open the chapter of families who lost their loved ones due to failed healthcare system. Let’s just keep praying that we don’t ever have to be in this situation ever.

@dharmmie wrote;

Okay boss,accepted that Nigeria failed him!!!Everything wey Dagrin do for you,tell us how you’ve tried to pay his family back for Dagrin’s good deeds😏

@kome_nice wrote;

Nigeria has always been a failed nation. Escape while u can 😢 sleep on Grin ❇

@dromomuwera wrote;

It wasn’t about the doctors. If u saw his car after the accident you would know only a miracle would have made him survive. I saw it with my eyes👀! Besides, he was drunk! May his soul keep resting 🙏🏽

@collin_bee wrote;

You missed the selflessness he showed you…. Talk truth. We only miss people when we can’t find replacements. Has anybody brought you fuel since, without you asking??? Talk truth. Human being matter taya me.


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