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How Did Amy Winehouse Die, Know Everything About Jazz Legend » GhBase•com™


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Amy Jade Winehouse was born in the suburb of Southgate in London, England on 14th September, 1983. Her parents are Janis and Mitch Winehouse. Her father, Mitch Winehouse was a taxi driver while her mother also worked as a pharmacist. Amy Winehouse developed so much zeal for music even at a tender age. Also, lucky for her, most of her uncles on her mother’s side were jazz musicians.

Amy Winehouse’s grandmother was allegedly in a romantic relationship with Ronnie Scott, a British jazz star. When Amy Winehouse was about 10 years old, she was attracted to listen to American hip hop and R&B musicians of those times.

Later in her life as a child trying to find her route to the music world, she formed a very short-lived rap group which she called ‘Sweet ‘n Sour’. At 12, a year after the singer was given her first guitar, she was admitted into Sylvia Young Theatre School.

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Years later, when Amy Winehouse was about 16 years old, she was expelled from school for not applying to their rules and also for piercing her nose.

Within the same year, Amy Winehouse had the biggest break in her career as a child when a friend of hers gave her a demo tape to his label called ‘A&R’. At that, he was also seriously in search of a jazz vocalist/singer. Fortunately for her, she landed herself a record deal with Island/Universal.


How Did Amy Winehouse Die?

Amy Winehouse died on 23rd July, 2011. According to many sources, the singer was killed by her concurrent overdose and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27 years. Her main cause of death was pronounced to be alcohol poisoning.

After her death, Amy Winehouse was added to the ‘Club of the 27’. That list contains artists who died at the age of 27 of which most of their deaths were attributed to alcohol and drugs. The following are part of the ‘Club of the 27’, Kurt Cobian, Brain Jones, Janis, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Robert Johnson.

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Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil got engaged in April 2007. According to Amy Winehouse, her relationship with Fielder-Civil became motivational enough to draft and record back-to-back songs that thrilled millions of fans across the world. Amy Winehouse and her boyfriend, Fielder-Civil run away and got married in Miami, Florida on 18th May, 2007.



Amy Winehouse ventured into the music business as a teenager, at the age of 16. She got the golden opportunity to be signed on a record label as a vocalist. The kind of music Amy Winehouse made was a mixture of soul, pop, jazz and R&B.

In her life as a professional jazz singer, she won a total of 5 Grammys which was traced and referenced to the Back to Black album she released in 2006. Aside from that, the young and passionate singer made hit songs such as Love Is A Losing Game and Rehab.

She also happens to be a diehard fan of Frank Sinatra whom she named her album ‘Frank’ after him. That album also earned the publicity and attention it needed to expand the singer’s goal as a jazz singer.

That was when she got the vigour to release her much-anticipated album ‘Back to Black’. As said, the album won 5 out of 6 nominations at the Grammys. Her career was going so well and smooth till she got so acquainted with alcohol and drugs.


How Old Is Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. She was born on 14th September, 1983 and died on 23rd July, 2011.

Amy Winehouse’s Parents

Amy Winehouse’s parents were Janis Winehouse and Mitch Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse Birthday

The 27-year-old singer celebrates her birthday on the 14th of every September.

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