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“He’s a Hypocrite” Ghanaians descend heavily on Sarkodie for remaining silent about the poor governance of the NPP Government


Sarkodie is currently feeling heat on Twitter after the social media hash tag #fixthecountry erupted with him been silent about it.

Ghanaians on social media are using that hash tag to vent their angry on the Government for poorly managing the country and that Ghanaians deserve better.

Unlike Twene Jonas who became a celebrity over night for his constant pressure on the Government to make Ghana a Better Place with his Videos, Ghanaians feel Sarkodie is a hypocrite as he has a bigger platform than Twene Jonas but has decided to keep quite about it because of his political affiliations.

According to them, Sarkodie became Hypocritical when the NPP Government took over the country in 2017. They claim Sarkodie who was once known to speak the truth about certain issues in the country has this time coiled back into his shell like a coward.

This is because in 2016/2017, Sarkodie released a song criticizing the then Government (NDC) for their poor governance. See some screenshot from Twitter below



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